Operations- and delivery notice from Heatcom Corporation A/S in regards to Covid-19


Heatcom is following the measures delt by the danish government and health authorities, to stop and contain the spred of Covid-19. We still keep the wheels turning, but have been taking all necessary precautions to stop dispersion through our behavior and Heatcom´s employes. Precautions has been taken regarding our daily routines, but most important is that we can still maintain our production and delivery promises. Any changes to the situation will be uploaded on our homepage. Read more HERE



Heatcom Corporation A/S is a Danish company with many years of experience in producing and marketing electrical floor heating, thermostats and frost protection products.

We are known for our 2 brands: Heatcom, which primarily focuses on retail, and FLXHeat, which are the professionals’ choice.

It is important to us that our products meet our customers’ needs and have a high quality – you can safely trust both of our brands.

Heatcom are aware of the environment, and how our products can help to have a positive impact on energy and heat consumption.

At Heatcom we want to be a socially responsible company that provides room for everyone.