Heating Cables

Heating cables can be adapted for different purposes where there is a need for heating. Heating cables are delivered reeled, and for certain types of sizes they are delivered on a drum.

Heating Mats
Flxheat 100W_frit

Heating mats consists of a heating cable laid on a net, providing fast mounting on regular areas. It is used for both low-built indoor heating and snow melting of outdoor areas. Casting free heating mats are used under wooden, parquet and laminate floors, which are suitable for underfloor heating.


The thermostat measures the current temperature and turn on or off the heat so that the desired room temperature is achieved and maintained.

Frost Protection

Frost protection of pipes ensures that the pipes do not freeze, when there is frost. The different frost protection possibilities can turn on and off as needed and can be used outside and inside the water pipe.

Mobile Products

Heatcom’s mobile winter products are primarily used on construction sites, where there is a need for quick and effective solutions for frost security as well as snow and ice melting to keep construction going.

Mirror Heating

Mirror heating keeps the heated part of the mirror free from dew. The adhesive backing makes it easy to mount the mirror heating on the mirror.


Accessories for the installation of heating cables. Including tape, cable fixation, assembly belts, chains for drainpipes, and reflector plates for insulation.